Meet Annabelle Sharman
Founder of Live in Oneness ® 

A passionate humanitarian with a Dreaming to heal Australia.

Annabelle Sharman is the Founder of A Sharman HOPE Healing- Live in Oneness.
A proud Mutti Mutti Woman living Self, Spirit and Mother Earth, who honours Ancestral cultural heritage, knowledge and wisdom.
She embodies her natural attuned connection to Earth medicine.

Annabelle creates and provides:

Nurturing, respectful + honest conversations

Grounding, empowering + safe reflective healing spaces.

Annnabelle Sharman Mutti Mutti woman, healer, mentor, spirit cloth, Paika Station, NSW

At the core of Annabelle’s methodology is the YUMA Spirit Cloth Healing Process,
a unique merging of therapeutic practices, cultural knowledge, storytelling and art that cultivates a deeper connection to self and others, that often leads to improved well-being and emotional healing.

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 My Book THE FUTURE ANCESTOR A Guide and Journey to Oneness, (published by Hay House UK) has been my dream come true. The Book is about my healing way and my ‘YUMA way of Being’ philosophy of Oneness, and Earth Medicine that is represented through the Spirit Cloth. This is my Mystical, my Journey to Oneness and my most authentic healing way practice. I look forward to going on a walk with you on your journey path and experience.

"We are all Future Ancestors.
I will Rise.
We can Rise together.
I will meet you there.
Our light is bright.
Each day we can walk to the Rhythm of Oneness."

Annabelle Sharman is a proud Mutti Mutti woman who honours her ancestral cultural heritage through her work as a multi-disciplinary artist and healer.
A certified social worker, reiki master and holistic counsellor, coach + mentor —today her work is located at the intersections of art, culture, community, health and wellbeing.


“As the Spirit Weaver, My Dreaming is to journey, connect, heal and bring people back home to their own self, spirit, heart and breath - with grace, honour and peace -
so they may feel Oneness and live and practice YUMA.
I breathe and dance with my Ancestors when I close my eyes and dream.
They guide me to create the Rhythm of Light to heal Mother Earth, My People and Humanity.”

"I honour all of my Ancestors who Dreamed me into being and existence. I acknowledge my Ancestral homelands. I will continue to walk with honour, strength and embody the spirit of my Ancestors to empower hope, peace, freedom and healing."

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Yuma healing modality by Annabelle Sharman