Meet Annabelle Sharman
Writer, Healer, Visionary and Consultant
Founder of Live in Oneness® YUMA

Annabelle is a proud Mutti Mutti Woman living Self, Spirit and Mother Earth, who honours ancestral cultural heritage, knowledge, wisdom and a natural attuned connection to Earth medicine.

Annabelle’s multifaceted profession as a Social Worker, Certified Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master and Teacher is primarily focused in areas of Family & Children services, Youth, Education, Community development, Mental Health & Social and Emotional Spiritual Wellbeing, and Trauma & Recovery. 

A passionate humanitarian with a Dreaming to heal Australia.

Her deep personal and professional experiences, weaved together with ancestral knowledge, spirit and wisdom guides every aspect of her consultancy and healing work. Since 2020, Annabelle brings people together through YUMA Workshops and Gatherings, to nurture respectful and honest conversations and creates empowering and reflective spaces to ‘ensure there is a healing story for all, and for community and Country.'

She supports individuals, carers, healers, coaches, counsellors and guides to come home to themselves through her YUMA Healing practice and through her unique creation of the YUMA Healing Spirit Cloth.

Annabelle was honoured to be selected to participate int he Diverse Wisdom Program with Hay House UK in 2020-21. Participating in a six month mentorship program to develop and submit a Book proposal.  In July 2021 Annabelle was awarded the Diverse Wisdom Prize - which includes a Publishing deal for her proposed book THE FUTURE ANCESTOR. Fast forward 2022, the book  is written and in its final stages of editing and prepared to go to print in August.  THE FUTURE ANCESTOR by Annabelle Sharman will make its debut into the world in January 2023. Published by Hay House UK. More information and details of Pre-Order sales coming soon.

My passion and drive for writing has also allowed me to Co-Author in  firstly the Kind Press publication THIS I KNOW IS TRUE: A collection of stories celebrating awakened women to inspire community progress. And a few years back some special writing was selected in a publication now in print by Gift/CONNECT Publishing titled CONNECT.  THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SUPERPOWER. By Sam Beard and Joel Brokaw.

"...sometimes we forget where home and our sacred space is … it's within us …" 

Energy flowing
Light moving through the water
Waves are harmonising the energy flow
That sings to my heart & soul spirit

It becomes an orchestra of life and synchronicity.
Standing strong
Feet on the ground
Breathing in the light
The love, the magic, allowing hope & healing to reach my soul and share with humanity.

In one breath, action and moment
We light the flame
The fire illuminates and energises the inner wisdom and knowledge and all that is sacred.

Wind is howling in my ear
Calling me out
Singing my Name
I am Home.

Here you can join me on an Experience and Journey through the Elements to a sacred healing soul spirit space.

“As the Spirit Weaver, My Dreaming is to journey, connect, heal and bring people back home to their own self, spirit, heart and breath - with grace, honour and peace - so they may feel Oneness and live and practice YUMA.

I breathe and dance with my Ancestors when I close my eyes and dream. They guide me to create the Rhythm of Light to heal Mother Earth, My People and Humanity.” 

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and all Custodians on the Land and Waterways in which we work, live and Journey on. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.