Spirit Cloth Workshops

"When there is a balance and healing intention, it is a magical alchemy of transformation + Creation."


 A YUMA Immersive Experience
with Annabelle Sharman

Creator of the YUMA SPIRIT CLOTH and Author of the FUTURE ANCESTOR; A Guide and Journey to Oneness. (Published by hay House UK)

You will be empowered to embrace a deeper immersive connection to elemental Earth Medicine.
An opportunity and invitation to surrender, explore, imagine and ‘Step Into ’A YUMA and way of Being, as a Future Ancestor to live in Oneness. A day for nurturing + relaxation, to show up as you are, no need to perform."

Under the full moon the new creations brew, gently dance whilst infusing your Ancestor's stories and all you wished for, calling and singing in the new.
A new way of being. The YUMA spirit cloths are Dreamed into being.

The wind comes in waves, and the sweet Sacred scent from your cloth is taking you closer and closer home. Tears flow as you unravel, patterns lines and images only you can see are waiting for you.
Just as unique as you are, your heartbeat, your breath, healing and your Dreaming. 

"We will rise and move together. We will walk home together, stronger, connected, hopeful, proud, grounded and in the Light."

Join me around the campfire for the day, as we gather in circle for this shared connected YUMA creation experience. 

This workshop is at the centre of the full weekend ‘JOURNEY TO ONENESS GATHERING‘ with the new dates for 2024 now confirmed: 
May 24 - 26 
Sept 20 - 22

Facilitated as a 1 DAY workshop.
Dates will become available – so check on Socials for updates. Private groups are always welcomed upon request + customised dates arranged.

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"I honour all of my Ancestors who Dreamed me into being and existence. I acknowledge my Ancestral homelands. I will continue to walk with honour, strength and embody the spirit of my Ancestors to empower hope, peace, freedom and healing."

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