Annabelle Sharman blessing praying hope healing Aboriginal healer Ceremony


YUMA Mentoring is a strength based, trauma-informed and empowerment practice.

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“We ensure there is a healing story for individuals, community and this country.”

I am an intuitive, observer and a strong passionate advocate, visionary and believer for change.
I believe there is great importance in pursuing sustainability and capacity building for long term change to grow a healthy Australia.

Through nurturing, respectful & honest conversations and creating empowering & reflective spaces.

  • To nurture and mentor Individuals,  Organisation staff in their collective and collaborative pursuit to achieve goals, improve work and creative practices.
  • Encourage a groundedness in life balance, stillness & wellbeing to enhance learning, social & spiritual health, develop leadership capacity, dreams and aspirations for this journey and future.
  • With a community development approach to seek and pursue excellence, practice and adhere to ethical standards, uphold professional integrity and ensure Cultural Safety.

Annabelle Sharman is the Founder of A Sharman HOPE Healing- Live in Oneness. A proud Mutti Mutti Woman living Self, Spirit and Mother Earth.

One who honours ancestral cultural heritage, knowledge and wisdom and has a natural attuned connection to Earth medicine.

Social Worker, Writer, Reiki Master-Teacher and a Certified Holistic Counsellor with an extensive 25-year Community service career. Area's of work include Family & Children services, Youth, Education, Community development, Mental Health & Social, and Emotional Spiritual Wellbeing, Trauma and Recovery.

A passionate humanitarian with a Dreaming to heal Australia

Her deep personal and professional experiences, together with ancestral knowledge, spirit and wisdom guides every aspect of her Consultancy & Healing and Creative works.
Annabelle specialises in supporting healers, coaches, counsellors, and guides to come home to themselves through her Yuma Healing Services, Workshops, Speaking, Events & through her unique creation of the YUMA Healing Spirit Cloth.


"What strikes me most about working with Annabelle is her dedication to honouring the dignity of her community and culture."

"Annabelle is a very dear friend and long time collaborator.

We first connected making a community documentary film together called "No More Shame” and have continued to share a kinship relationship through our mutual passion for storytelling.

When we first met, Annabelle had been working as a social worker within her community in Robinvale.

There had been a noticeably high rate of suicide amongst the community’s young people and she was part of a group of elders and community support specialists who were working with various social services and organisations to try and understand why this was happening and how to best support her community’s young people.


During this time, the group recognised a recurring pattern in the stories that the young people were sharing that suggested intergenerational trauma as a root cause. It was showing up as experiences of chronic and debilitating “shame” which was taking a toll on the mental health and self-efficacy of the young people in her community.

At this time, Annabelle was searching for a filmmaker to co-create a documentary-style community film that would not only tell this story about the impacts of “shame" for a broader community audience but more importantly a film that could become an experience of art therapy as an antidote to “shame” – for the participating young people.

"She brings an intersectional perspective through her lived experience and facilitates healing through a unique and powerful merging of her therapeutic practices, combined with cultural wisdom, knowledge, storytelling and art."

Annabelle has a strong instinct for storytelling, grounded in her ancestral cultural heritage. Her approach is led by relationships, connection and empathy.

During the "No More Shame” project, Annabelle ensured that cultural safety was included and prioritised in our duty of care for the young people of her community and this was clear in every decision that was made.

Storytelling is a powerful methodology for healing and Annabelle embodies this in her work today as a healer, certified social worker, reiki master and holistic counsellor specialising in mental health, trauma and recovery.

She brings an intersectional perspective through her lived experience and facilitates healing through a unique and powerful merging of her therapeutic practices, combined with cultural wisdom, knowledge, storytelling and art."



"I honour all of my Ancestors who Dreamed me into being and existence. I acknowledge my Ancestral homelands. I will continue to walk with honour, strength and embody the spirit of my Ancestors to empower hope, peace, freedom and healing."